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August 2019
[Forum Event]Individual Challenge
Avatar, Profile Picture And Signature Rules EmptyWed Oct 13, 2010 5:08 pm by [Admin]Zeno

Event Title : Individual Challenge

2 Staff Will Create A Room Named : Forum Event #1 / #2
Means The Fight Will Be 7 People With 1 Staff Inside The Room To Observe The Battle
And Makes A Draw.Top 3 From The Both Room Will Come Together And With The Staff's
Which Is 6 People Fight And 2 Staff Observe .

Map : Underground , Electric Plant , Satellite Station
Venue : Channel 3
Date & Time : 24 October(Sunday) , 2pm - 4pm
Rules :
- Dc Is Equal To Disqualify .
- Gears Can Be Used Except For Dark Brace and Light Servant.
- Once All Enermy Are Down Players Are To Wait Till The Time Out .
- No Hitting/Killing Of The Staff . Only 2 Chances will be given. If continued, automatic Disqualified

Register Is Needed , And Event Can Only Be Host If There Are 14 People Joining.
If Less Than 14 People Joining Than Event Will Be Cancel.Register Will End At
22 October 2010.

1st Prize : 10K Cash
(2nd & 3th Prize Will Be Considered)

Reply And State To Register
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Hotmail :

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 Avatar, Profile Picture And Signature Rules

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Avatar, Profile Picture And Signature Rules Empty
PostSubject: Avatar, Profile Picture And Signature Rules   Avatar, Profile Picture And Signature Rules EmptyThu Oct 14, 2010 6:52 pm

Avatar, Profile Picture And Signature Rules

1. Keep Content Appropriate
All avatars, signatures and profile pictures must be within the rules of the site (no pornography ect).

2. Signature Limits
Each group has various signature limits. However, if you have 3 massive images in your signature and no text you may still be asked to remove one or more images because the signature is still too big.

3. Staff Have The Right To Remove
Staff have the right to remove your avatar, display picture or signature if they think it is inappropriate. Most times, staff will ask you to change it first.

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Avatar, Profile Picture And Signature Rules
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